Episode 874 - Slow and Stealthy [The pups try not to disturb the snake...]

Slow and Shtealthy

April 11, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Two lil' ninja pups make their way around the evil Botcha Snake!

Hey folks! I'm doing something a little different with the nemu*blog this week!

For the duration of this week, I'll be writing a series of "sponsored" posts about some of my absolute must-have art supplies from one of my favorite online shops, JetPens -- all leading up to a drawing to a $25 gift certificate on Friday!

When I say JetPens is one of my favorite online shops, I do not kid~ I've been buying stuff from them for about 4 years now and have nothing but great things to say about the staff, the customer service, the products they sell, and best of all, their free shipping within the US on orders $25 and up. (YES! EVEN TO HAWAII!!) Even if they were not sponsoring this contest, I would still recommend folks to check them out. <3

That being said, I'm highlighting some of my go-to goods that I use regularly when drawing/comicking/note-taking. But I'd also like your participation as well! I'm super interested in hearing your own recommendations and what items might strike your fancy from each topic I write about. Write your response to each of my blog posts this week, and have your name entered up to four (4) times!

Entries will close on Friday at 5pm Hawaii Standard Time and I will e-mail the winner shortly thereafter. :D

If the response is good, I look forward to hosting more "events" similar to these! Good luck! :D

Comic Transcription

Slow and Shtealthy

panel 1: Nemu climbs through the fence with Anpan's help.
Anpan: Beware Nemu... Ish da BOTCHA SNAKE! Don't get too close or da poison botcha will getcha!

panel 2: The pups try to scale the perimeter of the fence to avoid being notices by the "snake"
Anpan: Try to sneak around it! Make sure it no see Nemu! Go slow and shtealthy...
Nemu: O-OK... Nemu will try.

panel 3: Suddenly, on the other side of the yard, Sam comes out.
Nemu: Oh noes! Ish SAM!
Sam: ?

panel 4: The pups tell Sam not to come! Stay put!
Sam: YIP! YIP!
Nemu: Shtay Sam! SHTAY!
Anpan: Sam! DON'T MOVE!