Episode 875 - Snake Attack [Anpan goes into Panic Mode! Oh noes!]

Snake Attack

April 13, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Snake Attack! Oh Nooooooeeeeeesss!!

Spring has sprung and we all know what comes with April showers, right? Totally inspired by the piles of strawberries at Costco (and my utter love of the fruit), I present to you April's new desktop set in the nemu*digital shop!

Also in other news, the East Oahu Sun, a local regional paper we've been contributing special one-off nemu*nemu comics since mid-2007, has ended their print run this month. They will be continuing their online coverage, but have suspended the comics until further notice. We wish them the bestest of luck and look forward to their return to print in the future!

In the meanwhile, we've archived all of the print comics in our nemu*gallery and encourage you to give them a read! :D

Lastly! Don't forget -- the drawing for our $25 e-giftcard for JetPens will commence today! Be sure to get your responses to my [Process] blog posts before 5pm Hawaii Standard Time today!

Comic Transcription

Snake Attack

panel 1: The pups urge Sam to stay where she is!
Anpan: Don't move Sam! Da Botcha Snake ish POISON!

panel 2: Sam stops and stares at the pups...
Nemu: Good girl! SHTAY! Don't move!

panel 3: She looks down and notices...
Sam: !

panel 4: The water hose! Anpan starts to get antsy...
Anpan: S-Sam! Wat doing?! Shtay back! Ish DANGEROUS!

panel 5: Suddenly Sam attacks the water hose! Nemu runs to stop her! Anpan panics!
Nemu: Oh noes!
Anpan: OH MY PIZZA!!!