Episode 878 - S-Car-Go [Ask the snail for some food!]


April 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

I wonder how the service is at Sluggo's Burgers & Shakes? Hrmm...

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The pups and Sam arrive at the drive thru!
Nemu: Yep! Dis ish da place!
Sluggo: Thanks for using SLUGGO'S S-CAR-GO! Would you like to try our *GLIZZT* shake?

panel 2: The pups place their order.
Anpan: Umm... can Anpan get a pizza with pepperoni, mushy and olive?
Nemu: Nemu want a grill'd cheeze and shome tomato soup please!

panel 3: But the snail doesn't get it correct.
Sluggo: *GLIZZT* so that's a number 3 *GLIZZT* a cheeze burger no tomatoes?
Anpan: Wat?!

panel 4: Anpan tries again.
Anpan: No. Anpan wants pepperoni pizza with mushy and olive. Nemu wants a grill'd cheeze and shome tomato soup.

panel 5: The snail repeats the order but it's wrong again!
Sluggo: Okay, A number 13 with a Kid's *GLIZZT* burger meal with extra tomatoes.

panel 6: Anpan has an idea.
Anpan: Maybe talk LOUDER!

panel 7: Nemu tries this time.

panel 8: The snail asks the inevitable question.
Sluggo: Would you like to super size that? *GLIZZT*

panel 9: Anpan gets upset and throws his paws up!
Anpan: Nemu! Ish da snail DEAF or BROKEN?!