Episode 879 - Shooper Size [Nemu tells of how the world is getting larger from Super Sizing.]

Shooper Size

April 23, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Let Nemu explain the evolution of the "super size"....

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Comic Transcription

Shopper Size

panel 1: The pups rest on the side of the road while Sam takes a short nap.
Anpan: Dis ish so JUNK! And Anpan ish still HUNGRY!
Nemu: Shorry Anpan! Maybe Nemu needed to know da magic words to get da Magic Food Box to work!

panel 2: Anpan asks Nemu a question.
Anpan: Wat da Magic Food Box mean 'bout Shooper Size?
Nemu: Shooper size?

panel 3: Nemu has the answer!
Nemu: Kana Mama told Nemu all about dat!

panel 4: Kana as a little girl with her kids size meal.
Nemu: When Kana Mama was small, there was only da kid size servings. It was da PERFECT SIZE.

panel 5: Kana as she is today, wtih a large drink.
Nemu: Then, when Kana Mama gots bigger, shomeone thought it was a good ides to make shtuffs BIGGER~ they called dis da LARGE SIZE.

panel 6: Kana with a SUPER SIZED drink.
Nemu: Since so many peoples liked da larger size, they made it even bigger! They called dis SHOOPER SIZE! Shooper size ish so big, Kana Mama can barely carry it!

panel 7: Kana sits in a tub of punch sipping her super duper sized drink! Anpan can't believe this!
Nemu: Now EVERYTING ish shooper sized! Kana Mama said, there ish even shometing called SHOOPER DOOPER SIZE! Ish SOOOO BIG dat peoples can fit INSIDE DA CUP!