HQ Shopping

And now for something completely different! :D

Sister Trinity fans, you're in for a treat this chapter!

I will be updating these comics in color, yes -color-, later, but I'm running behind schedule at the moment and am not able to get to them immediately... so for now, you will have your updates (more or less on time -- or so I am working hard to do), just in its original black and white. ^_^v

Comic Transcription

HQ Shopping

panel 1: The Sister Trinity walk through the ruins of Space Cow's former headquarters.
Crimson Scarab: So- this is Space Cow's former headquarters?
Yellow Jacket: YUP!

panel 2: Yellow Jacket tells of how she saw it destroyed.
Yellow Jacket: Now totally deserted after the HUGE EXPLOSION I witnessed!
Crimson Scarab: Witnessed or CAUSED?

panel 3: Scarab laughs at her sister as Cyan Cicada looks on.
Crimson Scarab: HA HA HA HA HA!
Yellow Jacket: pfft
Cyan Cicada: Now now...

panel 4: Cicada realizes what they have found...
Cyan Cicada: It's not perfect... but Space Cow would never think to find us here...

panel 5: and how they could use it as their new headquarters.
Cyan Cicada: Or Henshin Rider, for that matter...