Keeping Score

Who's keeping count?

Hey folks! Scott and I are in sunny (and kinda windy) San Jose for Fanime! We'll be in the Dealer's Hall (Hall 2) at table #519 (middle row, closer to the exit). It's been an interesting start to the con with Obama in town for a roundtable and major technical difficulties with the registration. Hopefully everything will smooth over when the festivities start tomorrow!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Comic Transcription

Keeping Score

panel 1: Yellow Jacket gives Scarab a hand to help her off the ground.
Yellow Jacket: Need a hand?
Crimson Scarab: T-thanks...

panel 2: Scarab is not amused at this situation.
Yellow Jacket: Anytime!
Crimson Scarab: I'm getting careless.. that's the third time you've saved our tails...

panel 3: Yellow Jacket gloats a little...
Yellow Jacket: FOURTH.
Crimson Scarab: Okay okay FOURTH. Who's counting?
Cyan Cicada: The main thing is we're all safe.

panel 4: Scarab is irritated that Yellow Jacket saved her...again!
Crimson Scarab: Yeah, thanks to the runt.
Yellow Jacket: Oh it was nothing~

panel 5: They move a little more cautiously through the room.
Cyan Cicada: There may be more traps. Let's be careful.
Yellow Jacket: R-right this way!