Kid Sister

June 11, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

So.. just how did we get into this terrible predicament, Yellow Jacket?

Hey folks! Thanks so much for your patience while I was out sick last week! I'll be continuing this chapter in b/w to make sure I can meet my deadlines, but definitely plan to come back and add color to this story.

I'm feeling better, but have a lot to catch up on! Ganbarimasu!

Also! If you missed it in the paper on Sunday (or don't live in Hawaii!), you can catch our latest Blue Hawaii comic in the nemu*gallery!

Comic Transcription

Kid Sister

panel 1: Yellow Jacket speaks of her sisters..
Yellow Jacket: My sisters are AMAZING! Cyan Cicada: Leader of the Sister Trinity. Master strategist.

panel 2: describing them...
Yellow Jacket: Crimson Scarab: Combat specialist. Resident hot head.

panel 3: and then herself.
Yellow Jacket: Me? 'Spy.'

panel 4: The Crimson Scarab has gotten Angel Flan on the floor. Cyan Cicada is interogating. Yellow Jacket watches in the back.
Yellow Jacket: I'm not much of a fighter...
Cyan Cicada: Don't worry. You won't have to say a word.
Yellow Jacket: Or an interrogator...
Yellow Jacket: Hey, do you guys need any help?
Yellow Jacket: But it's not like I don't want to be part of the ACTION!

panel 5: The sisters tell Yellow Jacket to stay back.
Crimson Scarab: ...She asks after all the hard work's done.
Cyana Cidada: No. It's too dangerous.
Yellow Jacket: ...
Yellow Jacket: I hate being the KID SISTER.