Perfect Job

June 13, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Yellow Jacket gets to show off some of her own special [background] talents. :D

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Comic Transcription

Perfect Job

panel 1: Yellow Jacket sits in her recon room and notices a coded transmission.
Yellow Jacket: I'm always relegated to doing the recon on all of our missions.
SFX: Pi!
Yellow Jacket: Huh? What's this? Well well well...
Yellow Jacket: I can do this stuff in my sleep.

panel 2: It's the location of the Obsidian Sphere!
Yellow Jacket: Then one day, a probe I sent out came back with something interesting. Space Cow had come into possession of a new power source. THE OBSIDIAN SPHERE.

panel 3: She looks over the intel she's just gotten.
Yellow Jacket: Wow. I gotta get my hands on this thing! Scarab and Cicada will be impressed!
Yellow Jacket: An alien sphere of unlimited power? The possibilities of what I could do with this were infinite!

panel 4: and plans how she will retrieve the Obsidian Sphere!
Yellow Jacket: Besides, it would be totally wasted in Space Cow's clumsy hands. Retrieving it would be difficult... but it was the perfect job for me..