Episode 921 - Limnology


September 14, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

What do we have here?

Limnology is the study of bodies of freshwater. Kinda cryptic, huh? :D

And one more reminder! Get your votes in for the fan-made pup contest! It closes on Sunday!

I've also updated a couple watercolor tutorials to the blog! (Part I and Part II)

Enjoy the weekend! ♥

Comic Transcription


panel 1: She finds a book sitting on the chair.
Yellow Jacket: A book...

panel 2: She picks it up...
Yellow Jacket: On limnology?

panel 3: and flips through the strange book.
Yellow Jacket: What kinda weird clue is this?

panel 4: Puts the book down and notices...
Yellow Jacket: A glass of...

panel 5: a cup of water.
Yellow Jacket: cold water! Now we're getting somewhere!