Episode 922 - Source Unknown

Source Unknown

September 17, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The plot thickens! Can you handle the suspense?! :D

For those curious, SpeQ is Yellow Jacket's personal AI, like JARVIS in Iron Man. :3 She accesses SpeQ thru her goggles (that she calls "Eye Jackets"). :D

Alright! The fan-made pup voting has finally closed and we have our winners! Find them at the nemu*blog!

Thanks to all who participated! The new pups should be arriving sometime this week! EE! Can't wait! We'll be adding them to the shop soon! :D

Comic Transcription

Source Unknown

panel 1: Yellow Jacket takes a closer look at the glass using her Eye Jackets.
Yellow Jacket: SpeQ, can you give me a reading on this glass?

panel 2: SpeQ gives her a reading on the glass and also notices an anomaly in the background.
SpeQ: Temperature: 59 degrees F/15 degrees C Condensation time elapsed: Approx. 30 mins. Trace radiation dectected.
Yellow Jacket: Whomever was drinking this hasn't been here for a while… Eh?

panel 3: Yellow Jacket focuses on the radiation...
Yellow Jacket: SpeQ, what is the source?

panel 4: SpeQ replies:
SpeQ: Source: Unknown