Episode 923 - Lucky Day

Lucky Day

September 19, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's someone's lucky day!

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For local peeps, our next event will be MINIcon at the McCully-Moiliili Library on Saturday, September 22nd from 10am to 2pm! Scott and I will be there, along with Jon J. Murakami, Kevin Sano, Alex & Misty from Hawaii Book Blog, and Pen & Ink Works! There will be some activities and prizes, hosted by the library staff and it's a totally free event! Additionally, if you come in cosplay, you'll receive a prize!

Hope to see you then! :D

Comic Transcription

Lucky Day

panel 1: Yellow Jacket walks over to the area that SpeQ told her about.
Yellow Jacket: Well well well!

panel 2: She can sense that the source of radiation...
Yellow Jacket: It's coming right through the floor...

panel 3: is coming from beneath the floor of the room.
Yellow Jacket: The signature is faint, but unmistakable.

panel 4: She spends a few moments thinking it through.
Yellow Jacket: Space Cow's new lair must be under this old houseā€¦ and that means the INHIBITOR can't be too far away!

panel 5: She realizes that she's on to something!
Yellow Jacket: Today's my lucky day!

panel 6: What she doesn't realize is that someone has been watching all this time!