Episode 925 - Ferocious Frog

Ferocious Frog

September 24, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Meet your doom, Yellow Jacket!

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by MINIcon this past weekend! We managed to double the attendance from last year, which is a huge feat for such a tiny library!

In the meanwhile, the pups are supposedly on-island, but won't be released until sometime this week. Thanks so much for your patience~! I'll be adding them to the shop this week.

For Hawaii residents, I'm running a special order for spreadshirt shop goods! If you have 2 or less items you'd like to order, e-mail me with your full order before Wednesday!

Lastly, I reduced prices on some items in our shop~! Hats, Gelaskins, and trading cards! Stock is quite low on Nemu hats and all Gelaskins, so first come first served!

Comic Transcription

Ferocious Frog

panel 1: The shadowy figure finally...
Ferocious Frog: WELCOME! I've been expecting you... make yourself at home... you will be the PERMANENT house guest of...

panel 2: reveals himself!

panel 3: Yellow Jacket gets up and gets ready for battle.
Yellow Jacket: Heh! Ferocious? More like 'Filet-O-Frog' when I'm done with you!

panel 4: And unsheathes her stingers!
Yellow Jacket: EN GARDE!