Episode 926 - French Flies

French Flies

September 26, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Ferocious Frog has a few minions of his own!

* * *

The new pups are still being held by customs -- but we plan to have them in hand by Thursday evening. In the meanwhile, we're making some updates to the shop to accommodate for their arrival! Just a little while longer! Stay tuned!

Comic Transcription

French Flies

panel 1: Ferocious Frog doesn't think highly of Yellow Jacket's threat...
Ferocious Frog: We shall see about that...

panel 2: He releases his first attack...
Ferocious Frog: FRENCH FLIES!

panel 3: Flies fly out of Ferocious Frog's mecha mouth!
Ferocious Frog: GO!
French Flies: oui!