Episode 930 - Dirty Hooves

Dirty Hooves

October 5, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Underestimated time and time again... will they ever learn?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Comic Transcription

Dirty Hooves

panel 1: The power of the Obsidian Sphere surrounds the Yellow Jacket.
Yellow Jacket: Everyone underestimates me... huff huff huff

panel 2: Ferocious Frog sees the anomaly and realizes that she is still using it.
Ferocious Frog: It seems you are still in possession of the sphere... How fortunate for me. Space Cow will be most pleased...

panel 3: Anger and confidence boils up inside of her...
Yellow Jacket: WHAT OF IT?! Space Cow won't get his dirty hooves on it– heh

panel 4: And she leaps toward Ferocious Frog!
Yellow Jacket: Nor you for that matter!