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I'm back with the second part of this week's update~! Originally I had drawn these last couple pages as a single page, but thought it was a little too cramped to get the point across. So, I split them in 2. :D

In other news! I've been asked by LootCrate and Viewster to review their curated crate services this past month, and if you've been curious about just what's inside each, check out my blog posts:

- Loot Anime: Enchant [link]
- Loot Anime: Equip [link]
- Viewster Omakase Box: NARUTO [link]

Also, don't forget to check out my latest Blue Hawaii from this past Sunday! ♥

Comic Transcription


Transcription by Joshua Knobloch

Panel 1: Henshin Rider is tripping on his way out of his prison, due to a red string attached to his back.
Henshin Rider: W-Whoaaa!

Panel 2: Henshin Rider falls as Yellow Jacket leaps out of the way.
Yellow Jacket: Whoa! You okay?

Panel 3: Yellow Jacket is slightly off-frame.
Yellow Jacket: Awww. You've fallen and you can't get up?
Henshin Rider: So glad you find this amusing!

Panel 4: Yellow Jacket is laughing as she cuts Henshin Rider's string.