Good to Go!

October 12, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Finally an update! Gah!

I apologize for the long delay -- I had taken on an unexpected 2-week temporary job this past month. It's been years since I last worked a day job (and drew comics in my free time,) so I was rather surprised just how exhausted I was at the end of each work day. I worked on the comic little by little each night.

It certainly gives me new perspective on just what I am capable of doing.

So back to my good ol' drawing board! I have another 5 or so pages in the queue, a comic for Sunday, and an overdue wallpaper or two. :3 Wish me luck. :D

Also, enjoy the return of Mayer & Mackenzie -- I've been looking forward to this section for a while now. ^_^

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