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Hi guys~

So sorry for the late update. While I have a queue of comics in place, I was sidelined with a nice bout of the flu this past week. =_=; Thankfully the worst of it seems over (*crosses fingers and toes*) but this also means I have a ton of catch up work to tackle head on while I recover. Fun times.

Here's Wednesday's update! Enjoy!

Also! Last minute update news: The Hustle Cat kickstarter has been fully funded and knocking thru its stretch goals with 24 hours left on the clock! (as of my typing this) Now, the rewards are so much sweeter with Samm's additional tracks and Yuko's Avery X Mochi print! Now Kasey's got an extra story lined up for Mochi if we make the $35k goal! Thanks for your support guys! ♥

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