October 12, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ahoy folks! We are finally back with a new installment and my two heroes have been reunited. :D

Throughout this story, I've been changing my process to see what works best for me. This time around, I changed my paper from Deleter manga paper (I had a lot of leftover from early nemu*nemu pages) to Copic "Manga Illustration" paper of the same size - which is much thinner (translucent, really) and easily accessible for me here in Hawaii. All of my inks seem to be more compatible, and scanning and clean-up easier, since I've been tracing over the rough drafts I do in Manga Studio. So yay for trying new things~ :D

Now that these pages are done, I'll be uploading the original inks to my private tumblr - join my Patreon to get access!

Also, the July wallpaper has been added to the nemu*digital shop~

I've also added the design to my Society6 shop, so if you're looking for totes, mugs, pillows, and prints, that's the place to look!

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