Episode 934 - Good Ol' Chuck

Good Ol' Chuck

October 15, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

... and by popular demand, we are back with the pups!

* * *

If you missed it, here's our latest Blue Hawaii comic, as printed in the Sunday paper! :D

I also updated our events page with more detailed info about our upcoming winter events, starting in early November! Details are still a little murky for the Priory Holiday Fair at this time, but I'll post more info when it's available to me. :D

Comic Transcription

Good Ol' Chuck

panel 1: Anpan and Nemu watch Charlie Brown come walking down the sidewalk...
Anpan: Well! Here comes ol' Charlie Brown!

panel 2: They wave at each other...
Anpan: Good ol' Charlie Brown... Yes, sir!

panel 3: But then... Nemu wonders to himself...
Nemu: Charlie Brown?

panel 4: And realizes something!
Nemu: But dats jus' a character in a COMIC STRIP!