Episode 960 - Coal Again

Coal Again?

December 16, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

You didn't think we'd go daily without some sort of -story- did you? ♥

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With our holiday sale over and done (and much much thanks to all who participated! We hope all the pups and books have happy new homes!) I can re-focus on getting the commissions done this weekend and comics done to clear the rest of 2012! Yays!

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Comic Transcription

Coal Again

panel 1: Nemeis shows up unexpectedly as Anise and Kana are walking.
Nemesis: HEY HEY! Henshin Slowpokes!
Anise: OH. NO.
Kana: Shh~

panel 2: He seems to be in a talkative mood.
Nemesis: I hope you're not getting into any TROUBLE this holiday season… Wouldn't want Santa to give you COAL again, huh?

panel 3: and whips out a small gift… for ANI!
Anise: Who told you Santa gave me coal?!
Nemesis: Speaking of coal… here's a little something I forgot to give YOU before school let out.

panel 4: He gives them the peace out as Anise and Kana watch him leave.