Episode 962 - Christmas Rules

Christmas Rules

December 18, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Do you open your gifts before Christmas?

To be honest, I do -- if I'm allowed by the gifter. XD;; Case and point -- Scott bought me a much needed nifty fitbit pedometer... and to get started on my exercise routine. Seems to be working so far!

.. and I won't mention the unwrapped MUJI acrylic cases my parents bought for me in San Francisco.. that now house all of my drawing pens and fountain pens.... ♥

* * *

It's also a sad day here in Hawaii -- long-time Senator Dan Inouye passed away yesterday.

I apologize for anyone who happened upon my pages and saw me questioning the issue of "Hell" in context of yesterday's comic. It was posted hours before the news hit Hawaii and not intentional.

RIP Senator Inouye -- Thank you for your many many years of service to Hawaii and your country.

Comic Transcription

Christmas Rules

panel 1: Anise is disturbed… but Kana seems quite pleased.
Anise: I don't understand why I can't just open it.
Kana: It's against the rules to open Christmas presents before Christmas day. So, what are you going to get for him?

panel 2: The first thing that comes to Ani's mind.
Anise: How about my old gym socks?
Kana: GROSS! NO!