Episode 963 - Un-Nice Gift

Un-Nice Gift

December 19, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anything but that! (Or maybe, nothing at all!)

* * *

Happy Wednesday! Hope you're enjoying our daily comics this week -- working my way up to Christmas! :D


Comic Transcription

Un-Nice Gift

panel 1: Anise sits...
Anise: How about a lump of coal or a box full of BUGS?
Kana: This is Christmas! Be NICE to him for once!

panel 2: and sulks… and gets angry.
Anise: But I don't wanna be NICE! Can't I just give him an UN-NICE gift?! Plus- I don't wanna spend any money on him!

panel 3: Kana brings out one of Ani's many Henshin Rider t-shirts.
Kana: How about this Henshin Rider shirt that was too big for you?
Anise: NO WAYS! I won that shirt!

panel 4: Anise isn't gonna let him have it.
Kana: But it doesn't even fit you!
Anise: I'll GROW into it.