Episode 964 - Too Good

Too Good

December 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The things we do to stay on Santa's "good" list. :3

* * *
It's Thursday and Christmas is fast approaching! Are you all ready? :D (I'm not! AAaahhh!)

How do you guys like the daily updates? It certainly keeps me on my toes, but has been fun to write a story that reads much quicker than my usual M-W-F schedule!

Comic Transcription

Too Good

panel 1: Anise holds up the large Henshin Rider shirt.
Anise: This shirt is too good for him.

panel 2: Kana suggests an alternative.
Kana: Well, it's up to you. You can always BUY him something~

panel 3: Anise caves...
Anise: …Will you wrap it for me? PLEASE?

panel 4: But doesn't like Kana's stipulation.
Kana: Only if you PERSONALLY deliver it.
Anise: GAH!