Episode 971 New Year New You

New Year New You

February 1, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's a new year! Is it time for a new you too?

(And yes, Pollo is -laughing-. XD)

Thanks so much for your patience! We're kicking 2013 off with a return to the dynamic duo - Enchilada & Pollo! ★

I also have a blog post (because it's just too long to post here~~) to briefly recap the month and what to look forward to in 2013!


(And pst- it's Scott's birthday tomorrow (Saturday, February 2nd)~~ be sure you wish him a Happy Birthday~ He hates it. ^_-)

Comic Transcription

New Year New You

panel 1: Enchilada passes by a sign showcasing a place called Hero Cuts "New Year New You!"

panel 2: Enchilada has stars in his eyes!
Enchilada: Heeey~! Maybe Enchilada could use a new look! Wat t'ink Pollo?

panel 3: Enchilada and Pollo look at each other.
SFX: wiggle

panel 4: Pollo erupts into laughter!
Pollo: Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi

panel 5: Enchilada argues with Pollo.
Enchilada: Wat mean da sign says nothin' bouts MIRACLES?!
Pollo: Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi