Episode 972 - Water Retention

Water Retention

February 4, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ah the stuff super heroes talk about.

And yeah. Men's muscles totally confuse me. @___@;;

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So, we're back to our usual schedule of M-W-F updates, this time with Enchilada for a change of pace. :3 My blog post (below) will briefly recap my month-long break and what to look forward to this year!

Meanwhile, you can keep up with my daily sketches/randomness here at the nemu*blog, my tumblr, or our facebook fan page. It may it be a sketch, an artistic experiment, an autobio comic... whatever comes to mind. ♥

Comic Transcription

Water Retention

panel 1: The elevator doors open and... suddenly two heros are looking at each other!

panel 2: They fist bump each other.
Aqua: Supes!
Supes: Aqua! How ya doin'?

panel 3: They start chatting it up a bit...
Aqua: Ah... Busy. It's time for a haircut.. how 'bout you?
Supes: Same here. Heyyy– looks like ya packed on some holiday pounds, eh? Maybe you should be taking the STAIRS...

panel 4: Then suddenly one of them starts making excuses.
Aqua: THIS?! This is WATER RETENTION. Gotta stay hydrated y'know!
Supes: Ohhh riigh~
Enchilad: SCUSIES!! Gettin' off here!

panel 5: The surprised heros look down and there's Enchilada walking out!
Enchilada: Looks like HeroCuts really DOES cut da hair of DA HEROES! Dis ish gonna be da best haircut ever, Pollo! Watch Enchilada go from zero to HERO!