Episode 973 - Cut It Out!

Cut It Out!

February 5, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

We continue with Enchilada's path to a "new look". :D And the hair-thingy above his eye is, in fact, his eyebrow. \:3

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I have a new wallpaper set up in the nemu*digital shop -- just in time for the upcoming cherry blossom season!

Also! FYI -- I'm down to about 8 copies left of Volume 4! I have no plans to reprint them, so best get them while you still can!


Comic Transcription

Cut It Out!

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo walk into the salon.
Enchilada: Well, HAIR we are in da salon!

panel 2: Enchilada winks and asks Pollo if he notices the pun he made.
Enchilada: See what Enchilada did dere, Pollo?!
Pollo: Pi Pi!

panel 3: They make fun of the balding man sitting in the stylist chair.
Enchilada: Know wat dey say! HAIR today, gone tomorrow!
Pollo: Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi Pi!
Enchilada: Oh beeHIVE, Pollo! BeeHIVE!

panel 4: They notice the two heros from the elevator aren't speaking to each other.
Enchilada: Look! Dey givin' each other da BRUSH OFF!
Pollo: Pi Pi Pi Pi!

panel 5: The stylist comes to get Enchilada.
Stylist: Mister... Enchilada?

panel 6: It's time for a haircut!
Enchilada: Gotta CUT dis short! COMB ON, Pollo!
Pollo: Pi Pi!