Episode 978 - Tasty Cupcakes

Tasty Cupcakes

February 18, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Time to refuel! What better way than with... cupcakes!

* * *

If you missed it, here is Sunday's Blue Hawaii - as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!

Comic Transcription

Tasty Cupcakes

panel 1: Enchilada tells Dudley he needs food.
Enchilada: But first, Enchilada must EAT. Time travel has made me weak.
Dudley: Sorry! There's not much to eat here.

panel 2: He wanders over to Dudley's refidgerator.
Enchilada: NONSENSE! How abouts some of those TASTY CUPCAKES you made tonight?

panel 3: and begins to rummage through it's contents.
Dudley: Wait! How didja know I made cupcakes?!?
SFX: rummage rummage

panel 4: And finds a cupcake much to Dudley's surprise!
Enchilada: Umm... Oh! Enchilada ish from da FUTURE! I know EVERYTHING!
Dudley: WHOA. I guess that makes sense.