Episode 985 - Mystery Photo

Mystery Photo

March 6, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

A blast from the past!

For the newer readers, there's a whole story on how Ani and Kana met. :D

Where this story will be going... you just gotta wait and see. XD

Comic Transcription

Mystery Photo

P1: Nemu runs into the room with a photo.
Nemu: Anpan... Look what Nemu found!
Anpan: Eh? A photo?

P2: The pups take a look...
Nemu: Who ish dis boy with Kana Mama? Maybe ish a shecret BOYFRIEND!
Anpan: Boyfriend? Hrm.

P3: It's a photo of Kana and a friend from a while back.
Anpan: He looks FAMILIAR. And kinda KOOKY.
Nemu: Let’s ask Ani Mama.

P4: Anpan interrupts Ani to show her the photo.
Anpan: HEY ANI! Who ish dis boy with Kana?
Nemu: *smoochie* Ish it Kana Mama’s boy friend?!? *smoochie*
Ani: Huh? BOY FRIEND? No way!

P5: Anise takes a look...
Ani: Let's take a loo--
Nemu: *smoochie* Boy friend! Boy friend! *smoochie*

P6: And quickly realizes...