Episode 999 - Alien Daughter

Alien Daughter

April 10, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Yes, the ending was intentional~ ♥

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Comic Transcription

Alien Daughter

panel 1: Anise cries while her mom fixes her hair.
Anise: S-sorry ma!
Mom: I hope you've learned your lesson.
Anise: I HATE GUM!

panel 2: Dad comes to take a look.
Dad: Ah! It looks PERFECT!
Anise: R-really?!
Dad: Yep. You finally have the perfect look.

panel 3: Mom is not too pleased but Dad is OK with it.
Dad: Now, you truly are my ALIEN DAUGHTER!
Mom: Well YOU can take your Alien Daughter to school before she's late!

panel 4: Anise ends up at school with a Starfleet uniform, looking a lot like Mr. Spock. Her classmates have no idea what's going on.
Mayer: Ummm...