Episode 1012 - Indistinguishable From Magic

Indistinguishable From Magic

Thanks to everyone who stopped off at TCAF to say hello! Audra returns home tomorrow! Yay!

Comic Transcription

Indistinguishable from Magice

panel 1: Anpan asks Vachel a question.
Anpan: So, how does Vulture fly?
Vachel: That's a great question!

panel 2: Vachel starts his lecture. He spreads his wing out to demonstrate.
This can all be explained by using Bernoulli's Principle. Flight happens birds achieve what is called "lift". When I move through the air, the air splits its path at the front edge of my wings and meets again at the back of the wing. Since the top of my wings are curved, the distance from the front of my wing to the back of it is shorter for air passing under the wing. Air moves faster over my wings than under it. This creates less pressure on the top of my wings and more under them. This higher air pressure lifts me upward!

panel 3: Anpan is bewildered at the words Vachel just spewed.
Anpan: Um... so... how does vulture FLY?

panel 4: Vachel replies dryly.
Vachel: Wings go flap flap, me go up.
Anpan: Ooooh! So, ish like MAGIC!