Episode 1014 - Nothing Happens

Nothing Happens

The excitement just can't be contained!

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Happy Aloha Friday!

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Comic Transcription

Nothing Happens

panel 1: Anpan and Vachel are looking at something.

panel 2: Anpan is fascinated...

panel 3: Vachel doesn't get it.

panel 4: But continues to watch aside Anpan.

panel 5: Anpan tells Vachel how amazed he is!
Anpan: Ishn't dis da best thing EVER? Anpan love watching them make da PIZZA!

panel 6: Vachel can't believe he was waiting to see nothing!
Vachel: Oh my god, nothing happens, does it?!
Anpan: Waht mean nothing happens? ISH PIZZA!