Episode 1017 - Death By Boredom

Death By Boredom

We all need a little variety in our lives~ It's the "spice of Life" after all!

* * *
Happy Friday!

Have you guys been enjoying this story so far? We've been working with Chris to make sure Vachel's lines are as "authentic" and true-to-character as we can get them. :D I have to admit, Chris comes up with some amazing zingers~ ★

We're at about the halfway mark with today's update. There's a lot more to come -- in fact, I have about 11 strips inked and ready to color this weekend, with another 12 or so left to draft/ink soon after.

Busy Busy Busy! ♥

Comic Transcription

Death By Boredom

P1: Anpan takes Vachel into Ani's room, which has wall to wall Henshin Rider books, figurines and trinkets.
Vachel: Wow. You weren't kidding. This is a HUGE collection!
Anpan: Yups. Only the finest shtories!
Vachel: Let's take a look at what you've got here.

P2: Vachel pulls a couple of comics off the ground.
Vachel: Hmmm. Henshin Rider. Never heard of it.

P3: He reads the titles of the comics as Anpan looks on excitedly.
Vachel: Henshin Rider: Darkness Falls. Henshin Rider: The Curse of the Space Cow. Henshin Rider: Zombie Riders.
Anpan: Dat one ish REALLY great!

P4: Vachel says dryly.
Vachel: Do you have a copy of "Henshin Rider: Death by boredom from lack of variety"?
Anpan: Ooooooh! Ish it good?