Episode 1047 - Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady

August 2, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

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We started a neat conversation in Wednesday's comic about how folks found/got into nemu*nemu~ Join in, especially if you have an interesting story. :D

... Another thing I doodled while trying to come up with the August wallpaper...

Funny how art block works. ^^; Other doodles up at the tumblr~

Comic Transcription

Lunch Lady

panel 1: Anpan and Nemu happen to find Kitsy in the yard yelling.
Kitsy: Where are you?! Stop being a taco head and come out!

panel 2: Nemu wonders who she is.
Nemu: Who's dat, Anpan?
Anpan: She kinda looks like da crazy lady dat buys tons of comics at Collector Maniacs.

panel 3: Kitsy continues to yell and search, but for what?
Nemu: But Anpan, dat's not ANI-MAMA!
Anpan: HAH! Good one Nemu!
Kitsy: When I find you, I'm gonna turn you into guacamole!

panel 4: Anpan grosses out!
Nemu: Sounds like she lost her lunch.