Episode 1048 - Lunch Helpers

Lunch Helpers

August 5, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ah, the pups. Always lending a helping hand!

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Comic Transcription

Lunch Helpers

panel 1: Kitsy is getting really mad!
Kitsy: Grrrr. When I getn my hands on that-
Voice: Scuzies~

panel 2: Suddently a voice comes out of the bushes.
Kitsy: Wha?
Voice: Didja lose shomething?
Kitsy: Who's there?!

panel 3: Where is it coming from?
Kitsy Where--?
Voice: Down here!

panel 4: Nemu peaks out!
Kitsy: !
Nemu: Heyo! Need helps finding da thing you lost?

panel 5: Then Anpan! Kitsy can't believe what she's seeing!
Anpan: But if ish your LUNCH dat's lost, Anpan hopes you don't find it!
Kitsy: oh… my… what in the...