Episode 1099 - Flashback


December 18, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Time to go back and save Pollo!

Alrighty folks! Holiday sale and in-person events are done for 2013! YAY!

In the meanwhile, have you checked out Namco High?? The game (or maybe "visual novel" is the better term for it?) has gone live on ShiftyLook! Don't forget, there's also a fan art contest they're hosting!

I'd totally love to see some Blue Max entries in there~~~ *hinthint*

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Enchilada holds the piggies in the blankets.

panel 2: The Lady is irritated with Enchilada.

panel 3: The Lady shows her true form.

panel 4:
Computer: Warning: Approaching event of origin.
Nemu: Ish dat piggies in blankies you holding there?!
Enchilada: Hey look! Dat's me!
Anpan: W-wats going on?! Dis thing ish FOR REAL?!

panel 5: Enchilada fires the rifle.

panel 6: Pollo sees something!
panel 7: Pollo slugs Enchilada!