Episode 1147 - Twin Tails Day

Twin Tail Day

February 3, 2015| Permalink | Comic Archive

Most of us in the US know February 2nd as "Groundhog's Day", but in Japan, it's known as "Twin Tails Day". (commonly known as "pigtails" -- but I think Twin Tails sound a lot more cute. ♥)

This comic was completely drawn in Photoshop, a first in a long time since switching to Manga Studio. I'm trying out some new tips learned from fellow webcomickers. The inking tools are still lacking, but it's not bad. :3

Comic Transcription

Twin Tail Day

panel 1: nemu*nemu presents: Twin Tail Day

panel 2: Kana is quite pleased!

panel 3: Nemu is too... Anpan... not so much.

panel 4: But Anise isn't having any of it!