2016 Spring Commissions

Art requests are OPEN for spring events!

If you’re looking for that something unique and personal for yourself or a special ssomeone, commissions are now open!

Pricing guide is below:

(Art supplies used may vary, depending on the subject matter.)
1 character: $10
2 character: $15
3 character: $20

Digital Sketches:
(Bust or single pose - ideal for avatar/profiles)
Single Character only - $25

Color Illustration:
4x6: $50 (1 character, add chara +$20 each)
5x7: $75 (up to 2 characters, add chara +$25 each)
Larger sizes: please inquire

Digital Illustration:
(Includes background, full hi-res flattened file - for personal use ONLY.)
Single character: $100 (+ $50 each additional)

Click here to Commission Me!

Commission Examples

These are carefully crafted color illustrations, done on high-quality paper with a variety of art supplies, including inks, copic markers, watercolors, and colored pencils. I will work with you to create a layout draft and the final will be shipped via priority mail for US orders, complete with tracking number.

These are quick sketches done on nemu*nemu branded sketchcards or remnant watercolor/art papers. Materials will vary from card to card, depending on how I am inspired by the requested subject matter. Shipping is included in the price. All US orders will ship via USPS priority mail, with tracking included.

These are quick digital sketches, on par with sketchcards. These are ideal for online profiles, avatars, or concept sketches.

These are crafted illustrations, inked and colored digitally. I will work with you draft a layout and send you a print-ready, hi-res TIFF (or any other file type, please specify in your request.) Please note, this is for personal use ONLY. For commercial use illustrations, please contact me directly.