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Hawaiian Ai - Shave Ice

Hawaiian Ai: Shave Ice
June 30, 2008 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

It's been a tropical weather and sunshine for Kana and Nemu! How do the people of Hawaii cool off when they can't jump in the ocean? Shave Ice!

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20 Replies

  • Annie

    XD Brain freeze is the best part!

  • Chizel

    :D Shave ice always beats every kind of heat!

  • chris

    does hawaii have a shaved ice dessert called "halloh halloh". it's a dessert thing that my phillipine friends have... so i dunno if there is a hawaii equivalent.

  • bobagirl

    heh heh, i have a similar picture to the center panel of my little sister there!

  • kitsy

    Chris: They do have Halo Halo available here in Hawaii~! I've never tried it though, but it's a popular snack of the Philippines.

    Interestingly enough, there are a lot of names of shaved ice. Some people call it Ice Shave (on the Big Island), Japanese call it Kakigouri... others call it a "snow cone".. XD

  • Anna

    We call it a snow cone in Australia :) Actually, my faveroite place to buy them is a store at our local markets called "Hawiian Shaved Ice" :P They're really nice ^^

  • Lindsey

    Bubble tea will do the same thing! XD I bet Nemu would love the tapioca bubbles.

    Halo halo is like a whole bunch of stuff in milk. 'Halo halo' means mix or medley, so they put anything in it. Most of the time, there's fruit (though I don't know the names of most of them), tapioca and nata de coco (coconut jelly cubes). I'm Filipino, so I've had it at family parties a lot, and it's really good!

  • Lea Hernandez

    I not only get brain freeze, I get BACK freeze. My spine kind of aches!

  • real ani

    Yay snow cone! I eat them all the time though even in winter!

  • Zerofox Kitsune

    Snowcones are great! They really DO look like rainbows in cups!

    I just noticed there's Mister Bun Bun by the bag. I almost forgot Anpan sent him on vacation...

  • Kunou shave ice for Mister Bun? I'm surprised Nemu didn't insist that he get some too... ^_^

    And you know, every time I think this comic can't possibly get any cuter, it does. I love it. ^_^;;

  • Kunou

    Also, we totally need that last panel as either a button or a t-shirt. Just saying. ^_-

  • Namiko

    I love the srawberry, banana and lime flavors!(red, yellow, and green}^_^ This part makes me thirsty for shave ice! The hest place is on Haleiwa side and Kapahulu ave.(I don't know the streets but now it's moved near Rainbows.)

  • Namiko

    Ah sorry! I meant to spell the "best" place for shave ice! I misspelled best!

  • Cherry

    Poor Mr. Buns doesn't get any! LOL!
    I love shave ice! One of my favorite places for shave ice is Waiola!

  • MisoCheif

    I agree with Annie the brain freeze is the best part..... except when my friends go into a rampage because it hurts so much! lol!

  • Alex

    This makes me want to go to North Shore and stand in line for Matsumoto's!!
    What if you two did a photoshoot with Nemu and Anpan with an actual rainbow shave ice from Matsumoto's?! That would be SO adorable!

  • Junii

    Best Shaved Ice? the one with the Scoop of Ice Cream inside!

    Great comic. Artwork reminds me of Azumanga Daioh! Keep up the great work!

  • minyoustar

    I'm surprised no one has asked or mentioned this yet, but that looks a lot like Waiolas in Mo'ili'ili. Is it? It's way too not crowded for Matsumoto's…

Webcomic Transcription

Hawaiian Ai - Shave Ice

Panel 1: Nemu is amazed by that giant cup of shave ice before him. It's colored in watermelon, pineapple and guava flavors.
Nemu: OOH! Ish like a rainbow in a cup!

Panel 2: Kana, Nemu and even Mister Buns are sitting on a bench outside of the famous shave ice shop. Kana has a rainbow colored shave ice.
Kana: Yup! There's nothing like some yummy shave ice to beat this tropical heat! This'll cool us off real fast! Are you ready?
Nemu: Nemu ready!

Panel 3: They both wince their faces after taking the initial bite of the shave ice!
Nemu and Kana: BRAIN FREEZE!