Hawaiian Ai - Shave Ice

Hawaiian Ai: Shave Ice

June 30, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's been a tropical weather and sunshine for Kana and Nemu! How do the people of Hawaii cool off when they can't jump in the ocean? Shave Ice!

Comic Transcription

Hawaiian Ai - Shave Ice

Panel 1: Nemu is amazed by that giant cup of shave ice before him. It's colored in watermelon, pineapple and guava flavors.
Nemu: OOH! Ish like a rainbow in a cup!

Panel 2: Kana, Nemu and even Mister Buns are sitting on a bench outside of the famous shave ice shop. Kana has a rainbow colored shave ice.
Kana: Yup! There's nothing like some yummy shave ice to beat this tropical heat! This'll cool us off real fast! Are you ready?
Nemu: Nemu ready!

Panel 3: They both wince their faces after taking the initial bite of the shave ice!
Nemu and Kana: BRAIN FREEZE!