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Posted by Audra Furuichi on January 24, 2016 3:58 PM

[UPDATE: Use code "NEMUNEMU" at checkout to get $3 off any LootAnime subscription. One box, 12 boxes, your choice! BTW - the next Loot Anime box is almost sold out, so the time to jump in is now! :D]

As I get older, there is something to be said about delayed-gratification. As a kid, I'd tear into things the moment I got them. But lately, if I know it's something I'm going to enjoy (aside from food.. food, I just dig straight into...) I wait for the right opportunity to indulge.

That happened with this box that arrived late last week:


Full disclosure: LootCrate contacted me last month to inquire if I'd take a look at their new Loot Anime series... of which I had no idea existed, although I was aware of their collaboration with Crunchyroll during the Black Friday/Holiday sales. So, woo hoo! I said yes, and here we go!

So, back to the story. Box arrives, hair sticking out (see video for an explanation on that one) and all, and I lay it on my desk to open after I complete some of my deadlines. Don't get me wrong... I was curious as to just what was inside, but considering I needed some space and time to unbox and review, I figured I should just wait until my schedule cleared a little. That day was -today-.

It's like... Christmas.

(You can totally skip this - unless you want to be entertained by my unedited chatter.)

Here are my (after)thoughts on the items inside this month's crate:

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers T-shirt:
Haven't gotten far enough in the series to identify all the characters, but it's a cute shirt! It's a higher quality tri-blend shirt, which makes it extra stretchy and comfy. (I wish all my shirts were like this...) Printing is a digital direct to garment type and the design is tasteful. Kinda makes me want to go back and watch the rest of the series...

Fairy Tail Scarf:
Just in time for the cooler winter months~ This is another monster of a series I just started. It's a replica of Natsu's scarf, down to the print and tassels~ Perfect for insta-cosplay! :D

Konpeito Candy:
While this candy isn't quite as well known as say - POCKY, konpeito is a quintiessential candy of Japan, imported by the Portuguese and embraced in the Meiji era.
It's basically rock sugar in the form of stars, colored to sweet pastels. It reminds me of spending time with my grandparents around Girl's Day. :D You may see it pop up in anime from time to time like Spirited Away (the little working soots eat konpeito candies as their food) or Kobato (where granted wishes are turned into konpeito and stored in her jar). Eat them or not, they're cute to just leave in a decorative jar on your desk. :D

Kingdom Hearts Pewter Keyring:
This thing is heavy duty! I'm not too familiar with KH, so after a little research, I found out it's Riku's "Way to the Dawn" keyblade. It's molded from a 2014 SDCC exclusive that was originally gold and came paired with Sora's keyblade. (which interestingly enough, I have a pewter one from E3 about 10 years ago...)
I'd feel safer hanging this one on a wall, rather than on my bags.. as yeah - I'm likely to stab myself by accident. ^^;

DanMachi's lapel pin:
A really cute enamel pin, featuring the logo for the DanMachi title. :D Cute series and item, but I'm kinda curious is folks will recognize the logo by itself? It doesn't show up in the series much/if at all?

Barachan's Madoka fan postcard print:
I'm super thrilled that they're supporting and promoting artists, like Barachan, by including artwork in the box. Not only is it a lovely print, but they've taken the initiative to pack vacuum pack it with a cardboard backing to ensure it doesn't bend or get scratched.

The Loot Anime "Enchant" charm:
Out of all the items, I think this original charm is an especially nice touch. It's something small, made in-house for Loot Anime, and collectible in it's own right for long-time subscribers. The design fits the theme of the current box and is nicely designed!

The "catalog" print:
While I was about to say, "hey guys - what about the original artwork of featured artists?," I then pulled the last item out of the box - a large folded poster, also done by Barachan, featuring her take on the theme "Enchant".
This thing is poster-sized and totally wall-worthy~ :D In fact, I think I'm going to put this up in my work space. XD
On the flip-side is their catalog and description of all items that were featured in the box, including the companies that supplied them.

Thoughts -
There are tons of "crate-type" services out there, and they all fill a need. There is a craving for quality, curated goods that just may not be available in your neck of the woods. Goodness knows my access to stuff can be quite limited here in Hawaii, where unless it's shipped in, -we just don't have it-.

The Loot Anime crate feels well-thought out from the moment it's opened. I was surprised to see the design printed on the inside of the box that all but announces the contents are -magical-. That is truly an experience. The items themselves are a nice variety, spanning series both well-loved "oldies" and cutting-edge fresh and new. (Some of these series just came out a few seasons ago!) I like that there are original goods added to the mix. None of the items feel "cheapy" at all~

Do you have to be a true-blue anime fan to enjoy it? I don't think so. The items included are all well-designed and probably could easily sneak their way into your every-day life, regardless of you knowing the source material. In fact, I think it just might inspire you to check out those series they're promoting. :D

However, one caveat. If you're expecting "direct-from Japan" goods, this isn't the service you're looking for. Most of these items are designed and made for the US market. It's a fantastic way for American companies promoting anime culture to get represented by and for the fans who support them.


So what's the lowdown?

Boxes start at $30 a month (including the shipping and handling fee) and the price drops the more boxes your subscribe for. They also announce the following month's theme at the Loot Anime site - which is currently "EQUIP" for January. Perfect for the inner adventurer!

Interested in getting a crate or two of your own? Use my link to get there: www.lootcrate.com/nemunemu

Tell me what you think! ★

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