0002 Take Action

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Take A Stand!

April 5, 2006| Permalink | Comic Archive

The day was getting too boring for Anise so she decides to do something about it! Onward to a land of adventure... excitement... umm....

Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Anise stands up from the bench her and Kana were sitting on. Anise looks inspired.
Anise: "We must take a stand!"
Panel 2: Anise points off into the distance.
Anise: "Go out into the world!"
Panel 3: Anise drags Kana along behind her.
Anise: "Seek out adventure!"
Panel 4: Anise and Kana are standing out in front of a store called, "Conbini Mart." Anise looks triumphant.
Kana: "How did I know you'd come here..."

(Special thanks to Zyconis for the transcription!)