Comic Transcription

Henshin Rider VS. Angel Flan

Panel 1: Anise, Kana, and the pups are all sitting down watching TV as Angel Flan appears on the screen.
Angel Flan: Fufufu! A lowly pizza man stands in my way?!
Anise: Is that a mecha egg?!

Panel 2: The pizza man points.
Pizza man: Evil will never prevail on my delivery route!

Panel 3: The pizza man makes an x with his arms and prepares to transform.
Pizza man: Ray-
Anise: Here it comes!

Panel 4:
Pizza man: ON!!!
The pizza man transforms into Henshin Rider.
Kana: Yay!
Kana puts her fist out towards the screen.
Anise stands up and throws her fists up in the air in excitement.

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)