Comic Transcription

I Wanna Be Like...

Panel 1:
Pup 1: Henshin Rider ish like...WOW!!! Boom-bam-pow!
Pup 1 puts his paws up in the air in excitement while Pup 2 nods in agreement.
SFX: *nod* *nod*

Panel 2: Kana appears and winks at the pups.
Kana: I've got something special for you boys!
Pup 2 turns towards Kana while Pup 1 puts his paws to his face.
Pup 1: Henshin Rider's so cool!

Panel 3: Kana is searching through a drawer.
Kana: Okay, hold on...they're in here somewhere...
Pup 1 & 2: ?

Panel 4: Kana pulls out two pieces of cloth excitedly.
Kana: Your own special HENSHIN RIDER SCARVES!
Pup 1: Ish da real deal!
Pup 2: Woah!
Pup 2 reaches his paw out towards the scarves.

(Special thanks to Nekomikoto for the transcription!)