Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Anise bends down, looking like she is about to pick up Anpan. Nemu holds a drawing.
Anise: Anpan! Time to go!
Anpan: Go where?
Nemu: Lookie! Nemu draw!
Panel 2: Anpan is on top of Anise's head.
Anise: Home of course!
Panel 3: Anpan looks confused.
Anpan: Eh? Dis not Anpan home?!
Anise: Um... This is Kana's house...
Panel 4: Anpan bangs on top of Anise's head angrily. Anise looks like she's in pain.
Anpan: Noooo~ Anpan stay!

(Special thanks to Kat for the transcription!)