0089 Tea Party
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Tea Party

November 22, 2006| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's tea time with Nemu and Kana... and a special guest!

Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Kana is preparing to lay out a tablecloth. Nemu, smiling, observes.
Kana: Today's a great day for a tea party!
Panel 2: Kana, Nemu, and Cotton the teddy bear are seated at a small table with a tea kettle. Kana is holding a plate with a sandwich in each hand.
Nemu: Nemu help!
Kana: Alright Cotton, would you like a PB or jelly sandwich?
Panel 3: Nemu and Cotton are seated.
Nemu: Ooh! Nemu like peanut butter... but jelly is good too!
Panel 4: Nemu looks indecisive.
Nemu: Oh no! Nemu cannot choose!!
Kana (off-screen): Don't worry ~ I have a lot of sandwiches to go around...

(Special thanks to Vic Fieger for the transcription!)