0146 Henshin Flop
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Henshin Flop

Henshin Rider has never had a tribute like this! It's not Karaoke or American Idol... It's Anise... Live at the Playground!

Comic Transcription

Henshin Flop

Panel 1: Anise strums a racket like a guitar while singing.
Anise:[singing]Striking down evil with his solar flare! Henshin hero glides through the air!

Panel 2: Anise Points at the reader.
Anise:Go! Go! Go! Henshin Rider!

Panel 3: Anise is trying to stay balanced on the back of a purple dinosaur in the playground without falling off.
Anise: *woah* *woah* *woah*

Panel 4: Kana, Nemu, and Anpan are standing over Anise who has fallen on her face.
Kana: Didn't I tell you...
Anise: For that split second...I was Henshin Rider!
Anpan: Anpan save Henshin Rider!

Transcription by Matt Westberry