0202 New Recruit
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New Recruit

November 19, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

There's a new kid in school and everyone's talking about him! No this isn't about that classic Eagles song, but maybe close! Anise has plans for the new student although Kana has her doubts.

Comic Transcription

Panel 1: Kana and Ani are having a chat at school.
Kana: Hey Ani, did you hear about the new student in our home room?
Ani: Sure did!
Panel 2: Ani looks determined!
Ani: I plan to recruit them for my Henshin Rider club!
Panel 3: Kana isn't so sure about the idea though...
Kana: Um... What if they're not into Henshin Rider?
Panel 4: Ani is definitely not bothered by that.
Ani: We'll convert them!!

(Special thanks to Jasmin for the transcription!)