0214 Christmas Cookies
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Christmas Cookies

December 19, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Somethings baking in the kitchen! What are Kana and Nemu up to?

Comic Transcription

Christmas Cookies

Panel 1: Kana and Nemu in the kitchen. Kana is rolling some dough as Nemu watches.
Nemu: Making cookies ish fun!

Panel 2: Kana holds up a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Nemu looks on.
Kana: These are special cookies! They're called "gingerbread" and we're making them into men! It's my Christmas present to others this year!

Panel 3: Nemu crouches down to take a closer look as Kana presses the cookie cutter into the dough.
Nemu: Men?

Panel 4: Kana cutting out the gingerbread man while Nemu sits and talks to Nemu.
Nemu: Nemu no can eat?