0253 Go Long
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Go Long!

March 17, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

How about a little game of pass the ball? Anpan and Nemu are really good at it but what happens when they lose the ball?

Comic Transcription

Go Long!

Panel 1: Nemu and Anpan are playing ball in one of the rooms in the house. Anpan is about to throw the ball and Nemu is heading out to receive the pass.
Anpan: Go long Nemu!

Panel 2: Nemu is now positioned at the other end of the room.
Nemu: Nemu ready!

Panel 3: Anpan throws the ball for a long pass!
SFX: *Toss*

Panel 4: Anpan and Nemu look through the gate thats blocking the doorway at the ball on the other end.
Nemu: Nemu went long, but da ball went longer!
Anpan: No worry Nemu - Anpan got a plan!