Hawaiian Ai - Hawaiian Hat

Hawaiian Ai: Hawaiian Hat

July 16, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

What should Nemu get his best buddy Anpan as a souvenir from Hawaii? It's hard to find something that says "Hawaii"! Kana helps Nemu out with an idea.

Comic Transcription

Hawaiian Ai - Hawaiian Hat

Panel 1: Kana and Nemu are packing the suitcase to get ready to go home. Nemu is sitting inside the suitcase.
Nemu: Kana Mama - Vacation ish almost over and Nemu canna find a present for Anpan...

Panel 2: Nemu contemplates what to get his buddy as a souvenir from Hawaii.
Nemu: What would be da bestest gift that says "Hawaii"? Flower leis? Hawaiian Chocos? Food shtuff?

Panel 3: Kana shows Nemu a large shell. Nemu looks surprised.
Kana: How about this?
Nemu: ?

Panel 4: Nemu puts the shell on his head and beams with happiness!
Nemu: OH! A Hat?
Kana: Umm no... It's a shell1